Business Banking

Remote Check Capture

Save time, expense and avoid disrupting your business day with Remote Check Capture. Deposit checks electronically from your business to your Eastwood Bank account, without making a trip to the bank.

How it works:

  1. Your business receives checks for deposit (as usual).
  2. Using equipment provided by Eastwood Bank, you scan your items for deposit.
  3. The scanned items are transmitted electronically through a secure, encrypted connection to Eastwood Bank and deposited to your account.
  4. Once the deposit is received you will receive a confirmation email from the bank.

Reduce expense:

  • Deposit process is simplified.
  • Physical transportation of checks is eliminated.
  • Multiple bank relationships can be consolidated.

Improve cash management:

  • Extended cut-off time of 6 p.m.
  • Accelerates clearing of deposits.
  • Better funds availability.

Upgrade information reporting:

  • Immediate access to view images deposited.
  • Real-time activity and balance information.
  • Quicker and easier account reconciliation.

Contact an Eastwood Business Banker to help you evaluate the benefits of Remote Deposit for your business, recommend the equipment needed for your business, and provide start-up information and on-going assistance as needed.

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