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I lost my smartphone! Now what?

Most smartphones are filled with and linked to all sorts of personal information, making it a very serious matter when one goes missing.

In addition to preventive measures such as setting passwords, backing up your data on a computer or other device, logging out of sensitive applications (such as Facebook or a bank account) when you're finished there are a few key things to do once you realize your phone is missing.

  • Depending on the phone, you may have access to an application that can "find" it for you. For example, the iPhone has a "Find My iPhone" app, which can be downloaded and accessed via another device to locate your phone (and if stolen, possibly the person who took it!).
  • It is also important to work with either your carrier, or your phone, if it has the capability to erase your data remotely. Once you know your phone is gone, eliminating all of the data will prevent anyone from accessing something private. (NOTE: If you have your information backed up on a computer, your information will be safe and accessible there.)

Phones are such an important part of everyday life, it's hard to imagine not having them. But like any gadget, it's important to stay in-the-know about privacy, safety and the tools available to help.

At Eastwood Bank, our eServices are protected at the highest level, and we work hard to educate customers on safe practices for using them because banking at your fingertips is fast, easy, and here to stay!