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Take our Quiz: Are you an over-spender?

1. When shopping for groceries, do you choose the store brand (generic), or the brand name no matter what the price?
2. Do you often purchase items at the check-out stand?
3. For your morning coffee or tea, do you brew at home and take with you, or purchase at a coffee shop each day?
4. Do you make large purchases with your debit or credit card?
5. Is your wardrobe primarily washable or dry clean only?

If you answered the following, you may be an over spender!

1. Brand Name

By choosing the store brand, you could save a bundle. (Just review labels and ingredients to be sure you're getting the same quality product.)

2. Yes

Impulse buys can really cost you. There are very few necessity items located at the check out.

3. Purchase at a coffee shop each day

Buying in bulk and making at home can save you time and money no waiting in line, or excess trash!

4. Credit Card

You may not realize it, but you're choosing your credit card for a reason. Whether you think the rewards are worth it the interest rate and fees are not. Learn the facts about how to be smart about credit and how to build good credit.

5. Dry Clean Only

Dry cleaning is pricey, but by carefully laundering your clothes, you can get the same effect. Or, take advantage of store-bought dry cleaning kits and products and DIY for a fraction of the price.