About Eastwood

“How I made a big change getting rid of small change.”

Like everyone, I seem to end up most days with loose change. And frankly, it’s amazing.

Why I hate change

  1. There is no good place for change. It makes my purse too heavy and my husband’s pockets jangle.

  2. No matter how much change I have, it’s never the right change. If I need 72 cents, you can bet I’ll have 68 cents in my pocket.

  3. I’m not crazy about the fashion statement I make marching into my bank with a zip-lock bag to be counted.

How Eastwood’s “Save the Change” Helped Me*

  1. I authorized an automatic round-up on each debit card purchase from my Eastwood checking account.

  2. My “change” (the difference) is deposited into my Eastwood savings account.

    For example, if I make a debit card purchase of $25.65, $26.00 would come out of my checking account and the change ($.35) would be deposited into my savings account.

Why I love “Save the Change”

Now, think about all the change you get. At 75 cents a day, in one year you’d have $273.75 in savings – plus interest! At $1.10 per day in change, you’d have $401.50 plus interest!

We’re talking real money!

Try it. See how a little change can add up to big savings for you!

*Upon enrollment, we will round up your Visa® Debit Card purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference from your checking account to your Eastwood Bank savings account. In order to qualify for the Automated Savings Program, you must have an existing checking account and an existing savings account with Eastwood Bank. You must be an owner on both the checking account and the savings account to be covered under this program. The checking and savings accounts used for the Automated Savings Program must be personal-use accounts; business purpose accounts are not eligible for this program. You may enroll as many eligible checking accounts for this program as you wish. The transfer will not occur if there are insufficient funds in your checking account to cover the round-up portion.