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Eastwood Newsletter Ad Submission

Use the form below to submit an ad into the monthly Eastwood Bank Bargain Bulletin. Just fill in the blanks and submit it, it's that simple!

Guidelines for submitting ads to Eastwood Newsletter Bargain Bulletin:

  • Service available to Eastwood Bank customers only.
  • Ads must be 15 words or less, including phone number which counts as one word.
  • Each Bank customer household may submit up to 2 ads per month.
  • Ads must be submitted via e-mail or on a Bargain Bulletin form, available at any bank office. (We cannot accept ads by phone.)
  • We reserve the right to edit any ad or delete repeated ads if necessary.
  • Names will not be included in the ad (only your phone number), however we require your name as a contact for the bank in case we have questions regarding the publication of your ad.
  • Garage sale ads will be accepted. Business, carpool, roommate, or "dating service" type ads will not be accepted.
  • New issues of the Bargain Bulletin will be available approximately the first of each month. Ads must be submitted by the 20th day of the preceding month to be included in the next issue.
  • Bargain Bulletin ads will be enclosed in Eastwood Bank customer statements for an entire one-month cycle. If you would like the current issue of the Bargain Bulletin prior to receiving your statement, copies are available at any of our bank office locations or online.
  • Eastwood Bank does not vouch for the quality or condition of goods and services advertised, nor is Eastwood Bank liable for publishing ads on or by a given date.