About Eastwood

Phishing Alert

At Eastwood Bank we are concerned about your online security.

Due to increased concern, please be wary of emails that claim to be from us asking you to:

  • Click on and complete a survey, or
  • Suggest you can click on a link to get your free credit reports.

These emails are not sent by us nor did the sender get your email address from us.

These “phishing” attacks are increasingly common and often the result of capturing your email address from your computer. Be sure your security software is up to date and follow these rules when you are online:

  • Do not open or respond to E-mails from people you do not know, as they may contain viruses or spyware. Additionally, never respond to E-mails requesting personal information.
  • Only go to websites you trust and never click on links that appear suspicious.

Thank you, Eastwood Bank